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Dragon's Domain

Gardens in Focus - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some people go to great lengths to enter a photo in Gardens in Focus. We recently heard from entrant Steve, who shared his story with us. Steve entered his photo, simply named "Dragon's Domain". he says:

"Capturing the shot of this gentle dragon took a lot of trust from it, patience from me, and many visits over several weeks."

In the process one day, my glasses accidently slipped into the Brisbane river. If anyone was watching when I took the snap they would have witnessed a juggling act. As I tried to catch my falling glasses 3 times within the space of a metre, I also slid over the bank. The glasses sank and headed away with the tide. Meanwhile, my backpack and tripod were also swinging, heading towards the water in one direction, with my camera heading in another. Saving the equipment was all I could manage, the glasses were lost. What a laugh it would have been to see!"

"I was bruised all over my ribs for weeks. I needed new glasses anyway, so I can have a laugh thinking back at the moment now."

"The dragon still won't trust me though, so it must have an incredible memory. Other people can walk or jog past it, but as soon as it sees me coming, it runs off into the Botanical Gardens, regardless of whether or not it's had a morning sunbake and dip in the Brisbane River."
Thank you for sharing this funny story with us, Steve. We wish you, and your wonderful water dragon, good luck in the competition.



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