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Gardens in Focus - Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Janet Gulliver has had an interest in photography since her teenage years, but only in the last two years has it become an absolute passion, when she purchased a DSLR. It is still a learning experience for Janet, and she suspects, will be ongoing. Other photographers are so helpful, especially when photographing in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Mt Annan and Mt Tomah.

Janet says, "Although I take photos wherever I go, the Gardens offer such incredible diversity, with something new to photograph every time I’ve been there. I especially love to photograph birds and flowers."

"This landscape photograph is at Mt Annan (which specialises in Australian native plants) and I also photographed the native (edible) passionfruit there, whilst on a guided Wetland walk." The New Holland Honeyeater on the waratah was photographed at Mt Tomah. Janet says, "The only possible way I could photograph the bird was to grab the moment and disregard the fact that I was shooting into the sun, with the bird in the shadow. The vegetation turned out to be very “busy” and incredibly bright, so I converted the background to black. I wanted the bird and the waratah to be the focus of the "story". Muting the background achieved the result I was after.

Thank you, Janet for sharing your story with us. Janet's photography is strongly influenced by her art. She paints and draws in a variety of media and especially enjoys botanical art. Janet has realised that the flexibility and adaptability of modern photographic techniques create the opportunity to express her artistry in a way different to the brush and palette.

Visit Janet's website here: Pictures To Frame.



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